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Equestrian Jake Chalfin is extremely energetic, strong-willed, goal-oriented, competitve and fun-loving. He's also a loyal friend, loving son and brother, passionate environmentalist and fiercely determined 32 year old man who has vowed to take the challenge of walking again- no mater how long it takes.


Jake's love of horses and riding begain at the early age of 7. Through out the timeline of his life Jake has participated in many groups and events such as the Pickering Hunt Pony Club, 4H, steeplechasing, the Maryland Hunt Cup and more.

Jake recieved his bachelor's of science degree with a major in Equine Science from Colorado State University. For the past 8 years he has been the Marketing Director at Laurel Valley Soils in Avondale, PA. This job is a great match for Jake as he has a relentless love for the environment and commitment to environmental stewardship.

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After having surgery at John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, Jake spent five days in the Intensive Care Unit and then 6 subsequent days continuing to recover. He was transferred to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania afterwhich he will begin his out- patient therapy.

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